Thursday, December 10, 2009

Something Merry & Bright

OK so I have been too busy over the last few weeks.. AHHHH Christmas Season is upon us! But I do have a little fun thing I made for a gift wrap. It was on Practical Scrappers earlier this week but here it is again
So All I did was cut strips of paper and curl them with a pencil then adhere them in a "tree" shape then I put a fun flower on the top and added some stickles and bling for a fun homemade gift bag.. the best part, this is a total scrap-box user. I used all the same green paper, but there is no reason you can't use different shades of green paper. In fact I think that might look even better! I put this on a Kraft bag that I purchased in bulk so the actual cost was like 15 cents for the bag and the flower was about 5 cents and the paper was scrap so it was like half a sheet of paper so may be 25 cents stickles from a bottle had was may be a few cents and the bling was a few cents so lets put this handmade bag to the cost.... IF I strech it to be the most I could.... like 50-75 cents a bag.. NOW THAT is cutting cost on packaging but not STYLE! LOl
Have a very merry Christmas!
PS I was thinking of adding miscellanous ribbons to the handles but for the sake of cost I didn't.. you could and it would be awesome.. a ribbon stash buster.. so a few more cents and it is still cheaper than a plain ole' one color bag from your local super store!

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