Friday, November 20, 2009

Have I got a life changing tip for you!!!!

LIFE CHANGING TIP : well it is maybe not LIFE changing, but it will save you time money and a lot of elbow grease...
When I first heard this I was like ok I will give it a try. If it doesnt work all I am out is an ounce or so of Dawn Dishsoap and some vinegar... OH you heard it right...
SO here is the recipe:

1 part DAWN dishwashing liquid (it said Dawn but I don't know if others work but DAWN does)
5 parts Vinegar

so mix those ingredients into a spray bottle. Go to your soap scum and say GOOD BYE it has been nice having you as a guest but you are outta here... seriously... Spray it on wait a few hours, spray again... then wait a little longer *I waited overnight* and then got turn on your shower or whatever and with a rag gently wipe away the soap scum! While you are waiting you can toss all those other soap scum cleaners because you will never need or want to use them agian...Now if you have bad soap scum it may take a day or two of this process.. my mom had to do this a couple times.NO LIE it is amazing to watch it just slid off... I promise if you have soap scum.. anywhere spray this one and go..
It should replace your "daily shower spray" I use it when I get out of the shower and my husband doesnt, but really it doesnt matter because I believe once a week is enough.. but you will never scrub your shower or bathtub again...

FURTHER TIPS for ya...
1. use a scented Dawn I used the Apple and it helps with the smell of vinegar..
2. get over the vinegar smell because it is worth it
3. used the clear distilled vinegar not any other...

I hope you try this because it works on all the surfaces that may have soap scum the shower door, the walls the fawcet whatevea.. Seriously don't delay like I did. JUST TRY IT ASAP!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Just a warm fuzzy

OK so anyone that knows my husband and my son you know where to cloth was cut from. Brad looks like and acts just like his dad.. which is awesome cause I like his dad a lot... but sometimes when you see a little of you in your kid that is so like the other parent it give you a warm fuzzy.... SO I have had a library of my kids books from when they were little (like 1500 books) and I have them labeled and in a systematic order. I did this so they as small children always knew where to put them back and it helps you from buying the same book twice, and also helped to teach them how to put our books in order. This was from like years ago... we have since given away many of those books but we still have many of them packed away waiting for someday when my kids have kids...
Well, today I went into my sons room to try and find a DVD I needed to return, and when I opened his little cabinet, this is what I found. He has taken his books and made his own library, using his own numbers. SOOOOO adorable. I am just full of warm fuzzies today! He is kinda like his mom I suppose! hehehe

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Entered over at 52 sketches

I just entered my layout in the weekly sketch at 52 sketches. I usually don't do that but I actually followed a sketch all the way from the beginning and didn't "do my own" thing to the sketch.. It was SUPER fun and easy.. It just kinda happened, so I said, hey go put it up on the site! so I did.. well here is the sneak peek of it.. You should totally go and check the site out. It is pretty awesome. OH I should tell you it is sketch 46.
Well life has been busy as usually around here and I am here to tell you I have a lot to catch up on. I will post a few different post because I discovered something this week that will change your life! I promise!

Saturday, November 14, 2009


There sure is a lot going on over at Practical Scrappers.

1. contest for a two week guest designers and
2. an online crop next weekend!

SOOOO if you have not gotten over there.. move it move it... We are going to have FUN!

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Makes all the work worth it

Tuesday night... my youngest looks around and says, "I think we should look at Mommy's old scrapbooks" (they are stored in an entertainment center in the family room) so she pulls 3 out and starts looking then my daughter Jasmine says "hey give me one of those" and they are looking back at all the (soooo 1999 layouts) I have put in these albums. My husband soon joins in and as I am fixing dinner I hear :
"ohhh I remember that.. we built that out of the branches daddy cut" and "Ohh remember that when we were jumping on the trampoline and..." and my favorite..."honey... look how little they were.. they are so cute!" other stuff like "Ally, you don't remember her she was our other great dane Coconut...." followed by how the story of how our dog got her name. Along with many other ohhhhs and awwwws
Yup that is what makes it worth it all!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Who Knew!

This will be short and sweet... I looked up in the Calorie King yesterday (while @Wal-Mart--the new 2010 issue was out) what Lettus Wraps at Pei Wei were...(drumroll here) .... they are only 280 calories.. granted not the best calories in the world but hey. those fill me up, taste amazing and just simply make me happy. That is my little tid-bit of happiness today for all my friends.! Hey guess what I just had for lunch..hehehehe...mmmmm good eats! (oh you can order them without onions too! !) That is including the "sauce" and I don't use that because it is spicy. Anyway just wanted to bring a little joy your ---- Pei Wei--- hehehe Im a dork

Monday, November 9, 2009

HAPPY Monday Friends

I put up a layout I did a few weeks ago. I love it because it is of snow and it is finally cooling off here in Arizona and it caused me to venture out and do
something this morning I have been waiting to do for a while... I went on a hike! The temps are beautiful in the morning here, cool but not too cool! I also took my big goofy dog with me. She is so gung-ho when we start off and by about the half way mark, she was like ..whew I am tired and she decided it was time to take a break and just sat down. Now for a regular dog you can just give them a tug and off you go again. NOT so with a Great Dane. She decides its time for a break, and she took one. I realized over the summer she has been doing a lot of laying around and is just as out of shape as I am. (lets not kid ourselves, her idea was just fine with me, it was nice to blame her though) . Well it was beautiful out and we enjoyed our hike. We did make it to the top of the trail (good uphill hike) and on the way down I realized, my poor puppy has no real problem going up hill because it is easier to power up the hill then it is to slow her weight on the downhill. She was POOOPED when we got home! She took a big ol'e drink and plopped down on the couch and has not been up since! My knees are hollar a little but it felt great to get out an climb again. SO much so I think I will do it tomorrow too!

Well I will post some more layouts and stuff later today or tomorrow. I have a few assignments to get done for Practical Scrappers (BTW The challages coming up are gonna be a blast--be sure to check them out and join in the fun!)

Off I go to do some cleaning and scrapping and quilting... I gotta get this doggie quilt finished. I have it quilted now I need to bind it.... ahhh crafts I love em!

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Tri Blog Challenge

Have you heard?!? Practial Scrappers combined with two other blogs to have a tri-blog challenge.. I am so excited. I love both of the other blogs! I was really impressed with all the work that is up on them. I totally became a follower of them both. Great ideas and wonderful inspiration... so go check it out! I think they are even giving prizes!

Anyway here is my entry

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

A realization

I have been so busy crafting, that I have done something I don't usually do. I have totally NOT cleaned anything in my house for like almost 2 weeks... EWWWW so when my husband asked me Sunday night "are you doing laundry soon?" in that sweet 'hey I'm out of underware' voice, I looked around and said.. Good gravy my house is in a shambles... So yesterday I began the task of cleaning house. I actually think the dust in my house was enough to make a whole colony of dust bunnies... It was gross. I am happy to say today I am now working on cleaning my "scrapspace" I mean it's not terrible, but it needed a good dustin and a sweeper over the carpet and some re-organization. That is what I have been doing all day. I decided to come take a break (from sneezing) and just post on my blog. NOW for the fun stuff

Practical Scrapper has joined forces with two other site to have tri-blog challange. I have seen some of the entries and man are they cutie pa tootie. I would suggest if you are stuck.. go check them out. ALSO.. have you been to the boards for Practical Scrappers? NO then move it.. get over there and join in the fun. There is talk of an online crop starting so weigh in on your opinion of when would be the best timing..

ALSO I am thinking next week I am going to post some fun game or something and have a nice prize. I have been cleaning and I found some Technique Tuesday stamps I have not used in forever and I think I may give them away as part of the prize. SOOO come back next week for a fun game. And good luck!