Wednesday, September 30, 2009


He is beyond anything I can describe. I am often floored at His goodness. I have had two excellent Bible Studies this week and I have been basking in the glory of my King. Today, after a little mental break-down I realized that a little tug boat had been sent to get me off the roof... so I am blessed beyond measure today! God provided the finacial means that we needed! My daughters b-day is next week and I was not sure how we were going to be able to get her anything much less what she wanted.. THEN God provided. We have been having a hard time coming up with money for groceries this week. THEN God provided. We have been unsure how we would pay for our other daughters music lessons each week and THEN GOD PROVIDED! I sit here completely and utterly amazed at my KING and that HE heard my sobs last night and then touched my heart-- and sent blessing to us! I give all the glory for these provisions to GOD! HE IS LOVE! HE DOES LOVE AND I AM LOVED by HIM! I am still awestruck that HE answered my prayers so bountifully and graciously, with such clear understanding that HE is my PROVIDER... Thank you LORD Thank you!

ANOTHER shout out to GOD> Josiah is possibly going home with Mom and Dad tomorrow! WOW~ GOD IS GOOD!
Have a blessed Day! I have!

Adding in another layout

So here is the weird layout I did last night while my family played "Risk" it was fun to listen to them play while I scrapped.. It doesn't look like much, but I was going back and forth over and over on this layout, then I just said.. forget it.. and went for it!

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

NEW from the desk!

So here are some of the layout I did for the online crop at Personal Scrapper! ( So the first one... "Fall" I have renamed it "Ugly Fall Layout" because I hate it... I love the Baseball one because well I love the star I made and I am thinking I may put directions up because it was just simple masking but it was fun none the less and it may encourage all none of you that read my blog to do it. The "sandy shores" was a sketch by Carrie Postma of PaperTrunk ( and also a design team member (may be former now that she is carrying a that paper trunk around --shes the owner) at Personal Scrapper.. Hey I just found her blog too.. here it is.. I am adding this one to my online stops... -- Go check it out.. there are some new letter stickers I am diggin on... anyway I am gonna go try and get another layout done while my Ham and Cheddar Muffins cook.. 45 minutes but mmm mmmm good!


OK so one of my favorite Scrapbook Companies is giving away the new line of paper... "nutmeg"
Cosmo Cricket... Click on the link under "my favorites" (just over to the right of this post!) and leave a comment. OR follow this link to sign up for a chance to win!


Monday, September 28, 2009

Joni Strikes again

Ok so here she is again.. winning more layout contest

Joni's newest win.. on Practial Scrapper again.. go check her out! I love this layout by the way...

Monday Monday... La la Laaa la laaa laa

So it is Monday morning and it was a busy Sunday.

1. Went to church, Pastor Mark never ceases to amaze me. He is such a blessed teacher. We discussed the 5 "kinds" of faith. It was to say the least a great teaching. I truly enjoyed it. In case you are wondering, he is teaching on the Gifts of the Spirit and now we are tackling the manifestations of the gifts of the spirit, faith is this week. Next week will be gifts of healing. I bet my dad would like this one.

I also found out our regular worship leader (Ben) has had surgery and that is why he has been gone. I was concerned for him. He is doing better and should be back to us soon.

Last Tuesday, I joined the Media Team and I am thinking about hooking up in the bookstore for a few days a week as a volunteer. Dave said he may like to do HeBrews, so we are deciding what we would like to be involoved in. It is exciting to start developing friendships and knowing so many people at Calvary.

OH I have to sneak this information in about Saturday night. We played co-ed softball, while I did not do to well, JADE hit a bonafide double! It was so exciting. I was whooping and hollaring like it was me that hit it. We did win our game and currently sit at 3-0. We are having fun, but I get an upset tummy almost every game now. NERVES! I hate it, but I just want to do well and hate that I am not "good" at it.

2. I went to give blood found out I am iron defecient! So now I get to figure out why... it does explain why I have been so tired lately, but now I need to find out what to do about it. In case you don't know, taking iron supplements with out doctors approval can be dangerous, so I am going to try and do it naturally by eating iron rich foods.

3. Went to Joseph's birthday party, it was fun. What surprised me is when I said, "hey, whoever is going, let's go" My entire family + Casey (minus Ally who was already at a friends birthday-swim party) all got up and went... We had to take 2 cars. I thought that was really cool. I mean Joseph is 6. That just tells me how much my family loves Joni's family. It was heart-warming! The kids went and did not expect to "play" they just went to be with Joseph. Well when we got there they found out you're never too old to play at Pump It Up! so they went off and got to play. It was a great time! OH and HAPPY BIRTHDAY to JOSEPH!

4. Josiah... OK can this baby be any cuter? NO I don't think so... I have put a video that his mom and dad had up on their blog on the bottom of my blog. I can't make it on the side because I don't know how to shrink it down to fit it on the side of the entries. SO just scroll all the way down and enjoy the short clip of Josiha awake and lookin cute! I did get to talk to Daniel the other day and it looks like everything is going well. They may even get to take him home as early as the end of this week. He has surgery scheduled for today and if I get an update, I will for sure let you all know.

Scrappin... well I did a layout on Saturday, and I plan on doing a few today, so I will post those all at the same time. other than that I don't have a lot more to add...BUT we may be going to Sierra Vista to visit my grandfather, Joe. He is needing someone to just come in and love on him, who better then Dave and I! So we are probably gonna find a day and head that way.
Have a great Monday!

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Saturday, scrapping and softball

So Saturday means, shopping for groceries. (OUCH!) Scrapbooking a few layouts, and not to mention softball. We are playing the team that won the tournament last year tonight.

On to more fun things scrapbooking. I am posting a few of my layouts from last night. I did the one with my mom and the one with Joseph last night. I like the one of Joesph because of the photos and the one of my mom because of the colors. I also did a card. So what prompted two layouts and a card in one night? There are some really good challenges up at Personal Scrapper ( thanks to Erica and the DT I am having fun.

We play ball early tonight so I may try and sneak in a few more layouts today. But for now.. here are my layouts.

I love the one of Joseph. He is such a cute little monkey. I was so blessed to have him at our house this summer. He really enjoyed having pie with Brad & I after we went to the science center...does it show? LOL

This is the card. I was thinking of giving it to my son's volleyball coach whom is also his science teacher.

PS Sorry I am so scatter-brained, I am just multi-taking right now. I will write more when I can think straight!

Friday, September 25, 2009

Learning How to post slideshows... good times

I found a way to add the slideshows! This site could not have made it any easier. Of course I was so excited to get it up that I failed to see that I could add music to it too! That was even cooler. So my next slideshow will have music unless I can figure out how to edit this one. Oh if you want to find like a certain song or artist, DON'T use the genres buttons, type in like "Casting Crowns" in the "search" portion and then you will get tons of stuff and even videos that I think I know how to load now. This is fun blogging. I am going to have to take some photos of my quilts that I made the last few weeks and post them too! Ok I need to get some work done and some Scrappin! One of my favorite sites is having an online crop... check it out at -- go to the fourms and find the "Fall Crop". I may even pick one of my favorites of the posted layouts and send a prize from ME!

OK I learned how to put a playlist together, so I have stuck it at the bottom of my page... so I don't need to add music! I am just having tooo much fun!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Also today, my little grand nephew is doing better. He came out of surgery well and everything is looking better for him. He still has a long road ahead of him and I beg that you keep praying for him. He is so beautiful, and I hope that I will have a photo of him soon to put up on the blog. So another photo for ya is this on of Dave and I on our second honeymoon in San Diego. I loved this trip. We had so much fun. We cycled all over. This is a photo Dave took of us shooting back on Downtown San Diego from Coranado Island. We rode our bikes from Downtown to Coranado via the Silver Strand and this was us about to board the ferry to go back over to the city.

NOW for more fun stuff.....

OK so my very best friend Joni won a contest on a site called "practical scrapper"

I loved the layout she did so I am going to give you the link. I loved the layout and I love her. So enjoy the site and enjoy her super uber cute idea for using leftovers.

Have a blessed day

Day One

So here I am starting a new blog. What fun! I am going to try and actually do this right. I know some people are rockin at blogging. I however am not. I have another site, but it is hard to get to. It is more for just family to see photos on. THIS however is my little spot to share what ever is on my mind. To just write, share scrapbooking/quilting stuff or ideas. So today I will add one of my scrapbook layouts most have seen it but here it is... This is a layout that I like because Allison took the photos and I scrapbooked the layout. I loved that big chess set at the resort we went to in Idaho. It was a great trip and I am still scrapbooking it two years later. This has been done for a while and I just wanted to test my posting abilities. So I have a bunch of stuff I will try to get up over the next few days.