Friday, January 15, 2010

Blling a ling!

Today my bling layout was posted on Practical Scrapper. So that is the Our great Day together *seen below* -- It was a day that just Brad and I hung out together at the zoo... (one of our favorite places) Then I usually send more then one option for the gals to chose from so I am also adding that layout which is titled: AZ snow. It is hard to see the stickles that is making a cool border around the white of the layout, so you just have to trust me! I suppose if you don't live in AZ you would never get this joke, but when it rains here, kids go out and play in the rain, adults walk outside to enjoy the refreshing water that falls from the sky not often enough. Anyway, when it started raining and it was cold rain my kids decided it was how it snowed in AZ -- the snow melts on the way down and wha-la AZ Snow.
Have a blessed day.. OH and a blog hop is coming up soon that I will be in, more details soon...


  1. Love them both!! I've seen snow in AZ...once.

  2. Well, shoot. I thought I was commenting on the eyelet layout too! Oh well, I do that here. Love what you did with the eyelets! Very creative and your pages are never "cluttered" as my honeybee says mine are. This green layout is just gorgeous! I simply adore it! The other one is just fun! I always forget the power of a white page! love it hun!
    kim Xx