Monday, January 11, 2010

Follow up to my wonderful kid

OK so here is the layout I did of Bradley's "library system" I told you all about how when he was little and we had a system for our books... well this is the layout I did of his room and I gotta tell you ... it still gives me warm fuzzies.. He is such a great kid. He has been doing so many things that show me he is maturing into a wonderful man. I am so happy that I am his mom. On Wednesday of last week, his dad and I attended a special luncheon that honored his character. There were 2 kids from his grade level that were honored by all the teachers in their level for their character. I am so happy he was chosen. I have taken some photos so that may be a soon uploaded layout here or on Practical Scrapper. So I just wanted to give him some kudos...

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