Thursday, September 24, 2009

Also today, my little grand nephew is doing better. He came out of surgery well and everything is looking better for him. He still has a long road ahead of him and I beg that you keep praying for him. He is so beautiful, and I hope that I will have a photo of him soon to put up on the blog. So another photo for ya is this on of Dave and I on our second honeymoon in San Diego. I loved this trip. We had so much fun. We cycled all over. This is a photo Dave took of us shooting back on Downtown San Diego from Coranado Island. We rode our bikes from Downtown to Coranado via the Silver Strand and this was us about to board the ferry to go back over to the city.

NOW for more fun stuff.....

OK so my very best friend Joni won a contest on a site called "practical scrapper"

I loved the layout she did so I am going to give you the link. I loved the layout and I love her. So enjoy the site and enjoy her super uber cute idea for using leftovers.

Have a blessed day

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