Monday, September 28, 2009

Monday Monday... La la Laaa la laaa laa

So it is Monday morning and it was a busy Sunday.

1. Went to church, Pastor Mark never ceases to amaze me. He is such a blessed teacher. We discussed the 5 "kinds" of faith. It was to say the least a great teaching. I truly enjoyed it. In case you are wondering, he is teaching on the Gifts of the Spirit and now we are tackling the manifestations of the gifts of the spirit, faith is this week. Next week will be gifts of healing. I bet my dad would like this one.

I also found out our regular worship leader (Ben) has had surgery and that is why he has been gone. I was concerned for him. He is doing better and should be back to us soon.

Last Tuesday, I joined the Media Team and I am thinking about hooking up in the bookstore for a few days a week as a volunteer. Dave said he may like to do HeBrews, so we are deciding what we would like to be involoved in. It is exciting to start developing friendships and knowing so many people at Calvary.

OH I have to sneak this information in about Saturday night. We played co-ed softball, while I did not do to well, JADE hit a bonafide double! It was so exciting. I was whooping and hollaring like it was me that hit it. We did win our game and currently sit at 3-0. We are having fun, but I get an upset tummy almost every game now. NERVES! I hate it, but I just want to do well and hate that I am not "good" at it.

2. I went to give blood found out I am iron defecient! So now I get to figure out why... it does explain why I have been so tired lately, but now I need to find out what to do about it. In case you don't know, taking iron supplements with out doctors approval can be dangerous, so I am going to try and do it naturally by eating iron rich foods.

3. Went to Joseph's birthday party, it was fun. What surprised me is when I said, "hey, whoever is going, let's go" My entire family + Casey (minus Ally who was already at a friends birthday-swim party) all got up and went... We had to take 2 cars. I thought that was really cool. I mean Joseph is 6. That just tells me how much my family loves Joni's family. It was heart-warming! The kids went and did not expect to "play" they just went to be with Joseph. Well when we got there they found out you're never too old to play at Pump It Up! so they went off and got to play. It was a great time! OH and HAPPY BIRTHDAY to JOSEPH!

4. Josiah... OK can this baby be any cuter? NO I don't think so... I have put a video that his mom and dad had up on their blog on the bottom of my blog. I can't make it on the side because I don't know how to shrink it down to fit it on the side of the entries. SO just scroll all the way down and enjoy the short clip of Josiha awake and lookin cute! I did get to talk to Daniel the other day and it looks like everything is going well. They may even get to take him home as early as the end of this week. He has surgery scheduled for today and if I get an update, I will for sure let you all know.

Scrappin... well I did a layout on Saturday, and I plan on doing a few today, so I will post those all at the same time. other than that I don't have a lot more to add...BUT we may be going to Sierra Vista to visit my grandfather, Joe. He is needing someone to just come in and love on him, who better then Dave and I! So we are probably gonna find a day and head that way.
Have a great Monday!

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