Monday, November 9, 2009

HAPPY Monday Friends

I put up a layout I did a few weeks ago. I love it because it is of snow and it is finally cooling off here in Arizona and it caused me to venture out and do
something this morning I have been waiting to do for a while... I went on a hike! The temps are beautiful in the morning here, cool but not too cool! I also took my big goofy dog with me. She is so gung-ho when we start off and by about the half way mark, she was like ..whew I am tired and she decided it was time to take a break and just sat down. Now for a regular dog you can just give them a tug and off you go again. NOT so with a Great Dane. She decides its time for a break, and she took one. I realized over the summer she has been doing a lot of laying around and is just as out of shape as I am. (lets not kid ourselves, her idea was just fine with me, it was nice to blame her though) . Well it was beautiful out and we enjoyed our hike. We did make it to the top of the trail (good uphill hike) and on the way down I realized, my poor puppy has no real problem going up hill because it is easier to power up the hill then it is to slow her weight on the downhill. She was POOOPED when we got home! She took a big ol'e drink and plopped down on the couch and has not been up since! My knees are hollar a little but it felt great to get out an climb again. SO much so I think I will do it tomorrow too!

Well I will post some more layouts and stuff later today or tomorrow. I have a few assignments to get done for Practical Scrappers (BTW The challages coming up are gonna be a blast--be sure to check them out and join in the fun!)

Off I go to do some cleaning and scrapping and quilting... I gotta get this doggie quilt finished. I have it quilted now I need to bind it.... ahhh crafts I love em!

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