Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Who Knew!

This will be short and sweet... I looked up in the Calorie King yesterday (while @Wal-Mart--the new 2010 issue was out) what Lettus Wraps at Pei Wei were...(drumroll here) .... they are only 280 calories.. granted not the best calories in the world but hey. those fill me up, taste amazing and just simply make me happy. That is my little tid-bit of happiness today for all my friends.! Hey guess what I just had for lunch..hehehehe...mmmmm good eats! (oh you can order them without onions too! !) That is including the "sauce" and I don't use that because it is spicy. Anyway just wanted to bring a little joy your ---- Pei Wei--- hehehe Im a dork

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