Thursday, November 19, 2009

Just a warm fuzzy

OK so anyone that knows my husband and my son you know where to cloth was cut from. Brad looks like and acts just like his dad.. which is awesome cause I like his dad a lot... but sometimes when you see a little of you in your kid that is so like the other parent it give you a warm fuzzy.... SO I have had a library of my kids books from when they were little (like 1500 books) and I have them labeled and in a systematic order. I did this so they as small children always knew where to put them back and it helps you from buying the same book twice, and also helped to teach them how to put our books in order. This was from like years ago... we have since given away many of those books but we still have many of them packed away waiting for someday when my kids have kids...
Well, today I went into my sons room to try and find a DVD I needed to return, and when I opened his little cabinet, this is what I found. He has taken his books and made his own library, using his own numbers. SOOOOO adorable. I am just full of warm fuzzies today! He is kinda like his mom I suppose! hehehe

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  1. Very sweet...(and such a good topic for a layout!!)