Tuesday, November 3, 2009

A realization

I have been so busy crafting, that I have done something I don't usually do. I have totally NOT cleaned anything in my house for like almost 2 weeks... EWWWW so when my husband asked me Sunday night "are you doing laundry soon?" in that sweet 'hey I'm out of underware' voice, I looked around and said.. Good gravy my house is in a shambles... So yesterday I began the task of cleaning house. I actually think the dust in my house was enough to make a whole colony of dust bunnies... It was gross. I am happy to say today I am now working on cleaning my "scrapspace" I mean it's not terrible, but it needed a good dustin and a sweeper over the carpet and some re-organization. That is what I have been doing all day. I decided to come take a break (from sneezing) and just post on my blog. NOW for the fun stuff

Practical Scrapper has joined forces with two other site to have tri-blog challange. I have seen some of the entries and man are they cutie pa tootie. I would suggest if you are stuck.. go check them out. ALSO.. have you been to the boards for Practical Scrappers? NO then move it.. get over there and join in the fun. There is talk of an online crop starting so weigh in on your opinion of when would be the best timing..

ALSO I am thinking next week I am going to post some fun game or something and have a nice prize. I have been cleaning and I found some Technique Tuesday stamps I have not used in forever and I think I may give them away as part of the prize. SOOO come back next week for a fun game. And good luck!



  1. Oh I so know how that feels.... LOL :) That is my house right now. I took my scrappin stuff out in too the leaving room so I can watch TV and get more stuff done. I have so much to do before Christmas. And it's been there for over a month now. My dh asked me couple of times now when I was planning on moving back in too my corner.. LOL :)
    Good luck cleaning!!! :)

  2. I'm feeling that pain right along with you! I have just cleaned the mud room and mopped up my kitchen. My poor washing machine hasn't had a break all day. Now, folding them, ick! Have I said "Welcome to our team!" yet, if not, welcome! I was so excited to see your name come up. I really enjoy your work and look forward to being a DT sista to ya!
    Kim xXx