Monday, October 26, 2009

Back in the Saddle

OH yeah baby.. I went 19.1 miles tonight on my bike.. sweeeeet.. I feel great about that too.. so now I am off to work on my new quilt.. it is soooo cute...

OH and a little secret...Tonight on our ride, we met a guy with a big ole black great dane.... he looked just like Nani only no white boots... anyway.. i am soo in love I want another dane... SOOOO pray, maybe God will plop one in my lap.. a male would be best and a sweet heart just like Nani...OHHHH I almost forgot to tell you. .his name was....

SCRAPPY... awwwwww


  1. Another one...are you nuts? (Nevermind, I already know the answer to that!)

  2. I'm almost as crazy I'd love another Brittany or 3. :) I keep hoping too.

    Anyway I'm the Heather from the Cosmo Cricket blog and I'd love to know of a LSS that has their stuff in stock. I've tried calling around and keep getting the "i'm sure we do"...only to find they don't or "just ran out"

    I'm in the valley but with the ordering system any LSS in the state should be able to ship to me.