Sunday, October 25, 2009

Weekend fall down

WOW what a weekend! Friday I got to scrap with Joni.. got a ton done.. that was wonderful, besides I got to hang with my main man Joseph... Well Saturday was FUN! It started with "Black Bag Day" at 35th Ave Sew& Vac. (this is my favorite Quilt shop) SOOO I picked up my mom and headed over there where we got some smokin hot deals and I found some fabric that I plan on putting on a layout pretty soon! (Joni's challenge over at Personal Scrapper). OH and an adorable doggie quilt that I am going to cut and start putting together this week.. tooo stinkin cute....
After that my mom and I went down to the state fair where we were demonstrators for quilting. I was hand quilting. (cause I am insane) and my mom was doing red work for a quilt. Our friend Faye was machine quilting. We had a lot of fun once we settled into it. I still don't like fairs, but I conquered my fear of fairs and went! SO hooo-raahhh! We hiked back to our car and headed home and I turned around and headed to softball.

So we are at softball... playing a good team... Im up 2 outs, and I am feeling the pressure.(did I mention I don't like to lose?) I am being good and waiting on the ball before I swing.. Crack.. I hit it and take off running to first... well the ball I hit went right back to the pitcher who then decides he is going to run and "TAG" me out so I try to avoid the tag and he makes the tag, and I lose my balance, take 3-4 steps almost right myself just in time to TRIP OVER THE FIRST BASE BAG... AND GO FACE FIRST INTO THE DIRT..... WOW!!! I was down before I even knew what had happened... SOOOO I get up, I did not want to cry... so me being me.. made a joke... I look over at the first base coach (Steve) and say..."well I guess I will have to wash my shirt for sure this week" (I was covered with red dirt... everywhere...even in my bra) So I walked back to get my glove and I was proud becasue I DID NOT CRY I wanted to cause it hurt but I didn't

So now it is Sunday. I just finished 2 more layouts for Personal scrapper online crop. Our
message at church was wonderful this morning, I had guitar today and kind of had a break through on the G/ D and Am/ Em chord transitions. SO now, I am off to do a little Bible study.. Oh and I got to talk to Joni on the phone today... all and all it has been a busy but very pleasurable day... OH did I mention too... next SUNDAY I will be at Gammage viewing
THE PHANTOM OF THE OPERA... one of my life goals will be fulfilled on Nov. 1st unless Jesus comes.. in which case I am sure I will not care that I missed it! I am soo fired up about that


  1. You crack me up... You know it's ok to cry!?! Especially if you get hurt! What do you care if people see you cry anyway? Personally, I think it shows that we can be weak/vulnerable and HUMAN...(which is how He made us) -- Man, I cry at the National Anthem & when I was telling someone at work about Joseph's Eagle Buck for helping a friend --- But your story is funny...I can just see you, red faced & red boobied. -- Love ya...glad we got to spend time together Friday!!

  2. "hey... THERE is NO crying in Baseball"
    --Tom Hanks in "Leauge of their Own"