Friday, October 2, 2009

LET the scrappin begin....

OK so this weekend is a bit crazy and it starts right NOW!
I just did my first layout challenge for Practical Scrapper ( and I decided it has been a while since I was on a design team so I went ahead and signed up for a shot. So make sure you keep popping over there and here to see whats going on. I love the idea of using what you have in unique ways. (Joni should go for the DT she is SOOO good at that) OH that reminds me if you are wanting to try-out, jump on it.. shoot over to the site and check it out.
I am doing another online crop with Personal Scrapper ( and anyone can do it so GO and JOIN UP! OH geez What fun.. OH yeah.. Card Making day is this weekend
So we should all make some cards too! --a note... I seem to be drawen to sites that that are "PS" sites.. so now that I am loving both these sites, I will need to write them out... Practical Scrapper or Personal Scrapper.. NO MORE PS.. LOL just made me laugh.

I also will be going to the CK convention this weekend. I had a thought when I read the "layout" challenge for the convention and I thought.. ahhh if I have time I will do it... I think I will so I am going to see if I can turn out something that I like and enter it. I have not entered a contest in sooo long.
I also have a class I am teaching in the month of November, but I need to prep the project so I can have it ready for the sign-ups in October.
I will be training for Media Ministry on Saturday (after the convention) at 4pm then I will play Softball at 8:15 --I'm gonna be tired!
Sunday I have church in the morning, then at 4pm guitar lessons at church and then I will be working in the Calvary Bookstore training until after service is over. I mean it busy busy busy. BUT I LOVE IT! BECAUSE....
1. I love scrapbooking, and I love challenges so I am able to do that
2. I love Joni and I get to spend time hangin out with my friend!
3. I love my church and I love that I have found a place I may fit in nicely at
4. I love softball and can't wait to see if my practice this week pays off at the plate - I have had BP every day this week trying to improve my hitting-- since I have never play softball before 3 weeks ago.. I am happy with my progress)
5. I love my pastors teachings and I love what he is teaching on..(gifts of the Spirit and the manifestations of those gifts)
6. I've always wanted to know how to play guitar and our chruch is teaching us for FREE -- which is rocking! (yet another blessing of my God my Provider)
7. I love books and I get to work in the church bookstore which is amazing! TOTALLY pumped about that...
8. I love having something to do!

So that is my busy upcoming weekend, so if I don't blog.. you will know why. I am going to take a camera with me to the convention to try and get a few photos of Joni and I being silly...

SOOOO I am off to create. Perhaps later I will have time to add my layouts.

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  1. Thanks for applying at Practical Scrappers, Good Luck!
    Kim xXx