Friday, October 2, 2009

new layouts

So I had this thought about a layout. I started doing this for the Personal Scrapper October Online Crop. This is the "doubles" layout, and when I completed it I said to myself.. "self, this is a good layout to enter in to the CKC layout contest... you should enter it!" So I suppose I killed two birds with one stone! LOL.. I love it when that happens.. So I am going to use this layout for both. OH I also had inspiration from Practial Scrappers use transparencies challenge. This layout was a lot of fun for me too.

So this is a birthday card I made for the PaperCrafts contest at the CKC Convention. I figured if I entered one may as well enter both. I like to make cards. I love looking at them even more. I suppose if I actually sent them to people that would be the best.. LOL No, I have gotten a lot better at sending the cards I make. I just tell myself..."self, you took a picture of it, if you want to make another one you can. " I talk to myself A LOT... perhaps I should be worried..

Anyway, this card was actually inspired by a new toy I purchased. I have a DYMO labeler, but I saw one at Michaels that had different types and different color labels and I have been eyeing it for a while, but I had the 40% off and figured, ahhh why not. So I got it home ripped open the package and began to make this card. I like how it turned out it is not too birthdayish so it could be re-arranged to say... "hello friend" or "thank you friend" "thinking of you " or whatever you get the idea. I like cards that are like that. Design simple enough that you can change it up...

OK well I have to go finish my other layout for the Personal Scrapper site from day one. It is almost done, but I can't photograph it tonight so it will be a little bit coming.

Have a blessed night

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