Friday, October 9, 2009

Ciricut Cartirages are hoppin!

SO I was reading over at the Practical Scrapper Board that people really love the cricuts and they have the cartirages on long wishlist. I know sometimes you can get a smokin' deal at Michaels or whatever... but I have stumbled onto a site that maybe a good thing for the circut and Sizzix diecut families... They also have great prices on a lot of stuff... and becasue I can... I am gonna give you the link to the site... so here it is, the name of the store is Hallmark check them out..

again they have the circut cartirages as cheap as I have ever seen consistantly cheap! SO give it a whirl if you have a need..OH join the email list and you get told before they go on sale even more inexpensive then before...sometimes you can get some sweet deals!

Have a blessed day friends

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  1. Ahhh...there you are! Thanks for the link, I will go check it out!