Sunday, October 11, 2009

My poor fingers

I have just returned home from my gituar lesson. I can't stop playing. I have had two lessons and I know D chord, G cord, C cord and an Em cord, I can actally play a song.. well sort of. Iam still learning how to change from one chord to another. It will get better they say...

Well I have not had time to upload my layouts from this weekend so far. BUT tomorrow is a day off for the kiddos so I will be able to scrap more tomorrow and then I will photograph my layouts and post hopefully tomorrow...

That REMINDS ME... tomorrow starts a new challenge week for Practical Scrapper... so get off your duff and get scrappin! Join me over at for this weeks challenge. Don't for get for a fun online crop we are doing called Croptoberfest it is a LOAD challenge.. (LayOut A Day) Such good challenges. Some of the members come up with challenges and we finish them and upload you don't have to do one each day, but there is a challenge for each day... Like you can do 4 layouts then upload.. did I make that clear as mud? Just hop over there and check out the "Croptoberfest" board, it will explain it well!

Well hopefully more photos tomorrow!

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