Monday, October 5, 2009

Monday, la laaa la la la

WELL~ yesterday was my big sisters birthday! WHOOO-HOOOO Happy Birthday sista! I actually got to talk to her! That was a surprise when she answered her phone! (She travels a lot and so I miss her most the time) So that was a pleasant surprise and then after my guitar lesson I got a BLAST from my past... My very best friend from High School (whom I lost contact with for 15 years) CALLED me out of the BLUE! SO Dave and I headed down to where they were staying so we could have a quick meeting.. I missed her so much it was so cool to see her agian... she looks just like she did in high school.. We spent some time catching up and I am truly amazed by her strength...

ANYway. Like I said I went to the convention. Saw a lot of people that I had not seen in a while and happily was able to see some people that were a big part of my life when I was traveling with the conventions... It was great. I had not seen Stacy Krunger for so long and we got a big hug in as I was coming into the convention. She is soo sweet! and McKayla Leigh Ann and KimK... I just love them all. Bless their hearts they are all still plugging away. I found out that Darcy was there but I missed her which was sad!

Well I did a few layouts for Personal Scrapper and I am headed over to Practical scrapper to see what this weeks challenge is... so off I go... post more later.. HEY come on over and join us on Practial or Personal Scrapper, there seems to always be something to encourage you to scrap or at least get you a jump can also head over to PageMaps for a good starting point too!

Have a blessed day

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