Saturday, October 10, 2009

Happy Saturday!

Well my friends... Saturday is finally here! I love Saturday because it is the day that you can be chill... So the last two weeks have been busy Saturdays but today... ahhhhhh not so much! I began by sleeping in ---what!?!-- what does sleeping in mean you ask? Well, it means I did not get out of bed before 7:00am which is great! Then I spent a little time tidying up my room and the downstairs, then I came into the office and checked blogs, sites and what nots and now at 10am I am blogging. THAT is a great Saturday! The only thing that will make it better is my Bible study, scrapbooking and practicing for my gituar lesson (on Sunday) OH and I will be able to do all of those hahahaha!!!!

On the thought of gituar, wow my fingers and wrist are killing me! I just started lessons last week and I have been practicing pretty much every day for like 15 minutes 3-4 times a day (mostly because my fingers can't go too long because of the pain) So any of you play? How long until this goes away? I keep practicing, in fact, I practiced until my fingers literally bled! The good news is I can go from a D chord to a G chord almost without looking.. I mean sometime I can do it and not look but from the G to the D I still have to check my fingering...

OK enough about that. I am off to enjoy my Saturday! I will post photos of the layouts I get done, if any! I have a lot to post for Personal Scrapper this week. I don't know what the challenge is for Practical Scrapper until Monday. OH I didn't win the deco-edge challenge but congrats to the winner.. she did use her scissors much more than I did.. it was a really cute layout. Here is Sheri's layout for you to look out....
Go give her a shout at Practical Scrapper too!

I hope you are having a great Saturday too!


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  1. Hi there I just wanted to introduce myself to you. I'm neeneesparks on the Practical Scrappers boards. I'm now following you blog. Thanks for participating in our challenges and for joining our boards!
    Kim xXX